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I’m very happy to have finally launched my blog.  It has been some time in the making, most of it being sheer procrastination.  This website is about anything that is inspiring, and yes that includes food.  Seems to me that everyone has personal issues that they struggle with everyday.  And while the severity of the issues is all relative, I believe that we work too hard on focusing on them.  When we do that, we forget the positive things in our life and in the world.  We start to live in a world of our own, blindly walking around, not being aware, not being appreciative. 

What this website does (I hope) is to teach us to love, to honor and respect, to enjoy, to be inspired, and to inspire.  Anything that enriches the soul and anything that uplifts the spirit of humanity.  I want people to realize that the proverbial glass is more than half full, that we can make greatness from any situation that we see as bad.  There is always a silver lining, always.  I wish for everyone to truly appreciate what the universe has given us – life, beauty,  senses, emotions, interaction, choices… – and in that, we can respect and honor these gifts.  In turn, we can learn to give back and we can learn not to take anything in excess.  Our society is such an overidulgent culture.  Many over-eat, over-possess, over-consume while obsessing about getting more.  I hope I can teach us to cherish and appreciate what has been granted to us and be conscious with what we take.  And not focus on what we don’t have.

I wish to share and hopefully teach ,and learn, about happiness, accountability, perspective, compassion, passion, consciousness, living, etc.  This is the meaning of Soulspiration, a word I thought of many years ago.  To soulspire

If this website can inspire even one person in this world, then this website is worth all the time and effort I have put into it.   I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing.

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