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Zanzibar – Part II

July 24, 2011

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  Summer seems to carry me away to the outdoors. 

As I promised my new friend in Zanzibar, Khator, here is a second post on the island.  Thanks to Khator and his tour, we were able to see, touch and understand all the vegetation we encountered in the Spice Tour.  If you wish to contact him for this or any other tours, you can email him at  His prices are very reasonable and he’s great.

So this blog doesn’t give much on Zanzibar but it does give lots of photos on the Spice Farms which is a huge attraction in there.  I’ve also posted some photos of the beach we were at.

Recommendations of Zanzibar:

  • Make sure you bring bug spray, preferably biodegradable or all-natural
  • Suncreen is a must as it can get very hot there.  Also make sure it’s biodegradable so it doesn’t harm the wildlife
  • It can rain pretty hard there so bring a poncho.
  • Unless you’re planning a lot of excursions I would say 2 days of rest and 2 days of excursions would be enough there. 
  • If you’re staying at an all-inclusive and  lots of beach time, I would recommend bringing an insulated cup/mug.  It will keep your drinks cold a lot longer and you won’t have to keep walking back and forth to the bar.  Even better, it also saves the planet from all those plastic/styrofoam cups going into the landfill.
  • The airport have currency exchange kiosks.  You can negotiate the rate with them.

If you’ve travelled to Zanzibar and have more suggestions, please send me a comment and I will post.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Great pictures, btw the one that you called: ‘Lotta Coconuts off one tree’ is actually a papaya tree.

  2. rahul permalink

    ” Lotta Coconuts off one tree. ” – That one is papaya tree…..

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