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Raw Canvas – Eat, Drink, Paint

June 11, 2011

Went to Raw Canvas in Yaletown to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Didn’t know exactly what it entailed, as I thought it was just a restaurant.  In fact, it is quite an unusual lounge where the lower area of the lounge is actually a paint studio for anyone to use once they buy a blank canvas.  The great concept is, you can sip your vino while painting your work of art.  And if you want to snack first, they have a great selection of cheeses and cured meats which is mostly purchased locally.  Also, some of the wines in their wine list are organic or biodynamic as well, which is a plus for me. 

Our evening at Raw fluttered by as we sat at their beautifully rustic long table while we ate their cured meats and cheeses, drank the wines and had much laughter amongst friends.  After our eats and good drinks, we took our glasses of wine to the other end of the room, purchased our canvas and began deliberating our masterpiece.  It was awesome.

Sorry for the unclear photos – restaurant had low lighting.  I couldn’t quite get the names of the meats and cheeses we ordered since there were too many to remember.  Basically, for $15 per order – which is actually served on a large tile – you choose 3 items from the menu.  I recommend having 2 orders per tile as you’ll see in my pics – a set of cheeses and a set of meats.  They give you enough sliced baguettes and a choice of 3 condiments to go with cheeses and meats.

This is definitely a great place to try.  It’s different and so good for relationship or team building.  You don’t have to eat/drink there to paint in their studio.  But if you do want to, I suggest having a light meal before you go because they don’t have a full kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the meats & cheeses, but it becomes quite dull after a while – especially with all that bread. 

Raw Canvas 604.687.1729, opened evenings except closed Sundays

1046 Hamilton St, Vancouver


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