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Answers from a Psychic – Dreams

March 6, 2011

Some time ago, I met with my psychic friend, Joanne Huang, to answer some general questions that were given to me and that I thought people were curious about.  Let me start by apologizing to Joanne for using the word psychic as she does not like to be known as a that.  Rather, for professional proposes, she likes to be considered a spiritual consultant/advisor. 

I didn’t realize our meeting was that long so I couldn’t possibly fit it into one post.  I have decided to break it down.  Sorry if it sounds a bit broken up and also if there is some lingo you don’t understand.  But I will do my best to elaborate on the bottom of the post.

Me: So do you remember when I was asking you about the dreams, how you differentiate between what is prophetic or what is an actual dream?  In general terms, how would you separate the two?

J: There are all kinds of dreams.  What I did was separate it into two different types of dreams for you.  One is part of your past life database  and one is whether you’re imagining it since it never happened or it’s going to happen. So the difference between the two is with past life database, it has already happened to you (in a past life) [and in the dream], you will feel like you were an actor inside the movie.  You’ll feel like everything is so real.  You can almost feel the texture, you can feel the emotion.  When it’s not your database and you’re simply creating it and you are getting messages, you will always feel like you’re watching a movie.  [That is a prophetic or message dream].  Your emotions may get triggered because of things in the dream but you’ll overall feel like you’re outside the dream. 

J: So when you decide which dream you’re having, whether it’s from your database or another kind, think of the dream and trace back and think if there is any similar event that you encountered in your daily life that may have triggered this dream.  If its a message from your spirit guide – usually you’ll have a message – or it’s prophetic, you will have a very strong sense [of curiosity} i.e., the dream will feel puzzling to you. It will drive you to investigate the dream. 

Me:  You were mentioning one’s database and the accessing of it.  Since it’s not a life lesson or message so-to-speak, is it more like resolving past life issues so that feeling doesn’t resurface or so that your soul can heal from it? 

J: Not resolving, but reminding.  Your subconscious will often pull out one of your similar memories to test what you will do differently in your current identity (life).  Sometimes, we will find out a different way to deal with the same [past] fear, which later on will apply to one’s  ‘REAL’  (soul’s) life.  Past life issues don’t occur unless it was triggered in your real life.  And yes, if you figure out a way [to resolve or find] some sort of understanding, through practicing it in [your current] life, you[r soul] can always heal from it. 

Me: So let’s say its a regular dream, and it triggers an emotional reaction like crying.  If you actually  feel the sadness, then you’re saying that it was part of a real experience?

J: Yes, it means that it happened before and you are dreaming it.  Usually it’s something in your daily life that is triggering that emotion and that’s why it recalled a part of your past life memory.  So to deal with it is not to linger on to the sadness, but to understand why you are sad.

Me: So even if it was a current event of a dream, lets say your current friend is in that dream, and you experience sadness, that sadness is related to a past life you’re saying?

J: Very likely but it depends on how real you feel in the dream. If you feel like you’re inside the dream, you are the movie character that experiences this real time, then very likely you are experiencing something you had experienced before.  Something that happened in you daily life triggered that memory and that memory now came forward in your dream telling you that you’ve had this experience before.  If it’s on soul business (the task that you have never worked on before) it’s basically telling you to look into it and work on it.  So people might encounter a sense of loss, sense of low self esteem, stuff like that – more likely your that’s a reminder telling you that this is an area that you should look into and work it.

A: But how about repetitive dreams?

J: Repetitive dreams is basically the same.  It’s like a reminder.  You had set an alarm in your “system” of your program or soul.  If that is an area that you haven’t looked into it will come up often to remind you that this is an issue that needs attention.

A: But what if it’s the setting is always the same.Ffor me it’s school.  I’m always back at school.  And there’s always that one course that I’m missing.  And I’m at the point where I had “skipped out” the entire year.  At the end of it where there’s the final exam, and I need to pass this final exam because I’ve missed my midterm paper (essay) and my final paper (essay), I missed my midterm and all my projects, and I don’t know anything about the course.  What would something like that signify?

J: Usually that symbolizes us.  You maybe in that point of your life feel like you’re missing something very important which would stop from the rest of the related future experiences from happening.  So when that thing (an event from your current life) triggers in, it brings back this dream.  This dream is what we call a message.  It’s a message where your spirit guide is trying to pass to you.  You might live your regular life but subconsciously you know you are missing something.  And that thing, probably very important, creates all the future events.  So as I said, if you ever have a dream like that, you should look into it and recall how you felt in the dream.  It’s always very important to know how you feel when you’re inside a dream.  So when you wake up, what actually happened usually is not as important as how you actually feel because you will wake up and that feeling  usually will linger on.  Eg., people will ask you how you’re feeling, and you may say I’m very tired, I’m exhausted, I feel like I’m busy all the time.  Or you may feel like quite pleasant

Me:  So how do you learn from that?  For example, mine is anxiety because I’m always failing (in my dreams). 

J: If it’s repetitive to a point that you are very aware of it, look into your life.  It’s parallelism (your life and your dream).  There is always parallelism that triggers your dreams.  We are so use to suppressing our subconscious since we’re living in a conscious-based world.  So dreaming is the only way that your subconscious can actually communicate with you.  Most people say I don’t see/hear/communicate with my spirit guide.  Dreams are the only time you don’t guard yourself.  So they are able to come up and say this is a point you should look into.  But as I said, no matter what dream it is, dreams for me is more like a reminder for many things.   So if you do have a dream, I would not worry about what it represents/symbolizes.  I would usually try to see what event is actually happening in my actual life because conscious and subconscious is trying to find a balance.  And your job is trying to find out where the balance is.

Me: Many dreams you say, are influenced by our spirit guides.  But the way the dream plays out seems so dream-like.  Why is it that the guide or any dreams containing messages need to be in a dream-like setting?
Why can’t they talk to us and have us see them for who they are or in their setting? (why does it have to be so mysterious?)  Why can’t the dreams be more straight forward?

J:  [People] often ask for ‘easy answers’, but lack the skill to execute it or apply it into their lives.  It’s easy to forget what was told, but you will never forget it if you learned it yourself.   Additionally, people who don’t want to figure things out often contain a personality of not wanting to work for it on their own, which is definitely one of the biggest tasks they have to overcome as soul.  So the dream is not often ‘mysterious’ but rather that sense of mystery triggers your sensation, logic and heart so your can work with yourself and others.  You just have to know your own self and understand your own sensations, then identify what is what and judge it for yourself.  

Me:  And color has nothing to do with it?  (Does color mean anything in dreams?)

J: Not so much.  Some people have very sensitive…. I mean we all have different perspectives on color.  Some people project black and white and feel more comfortable that way, and some people like color.  So people who dream with color, they tend to have more photographic (visual)  imagery or their mind can remember images clearer and better than ones who don’t dream with color.  A logical person will generally dream black and white. 

Me:  But can color signify something ever?  Like a purple book in my dream?

J:  Yes if it continues to stand out.  If that color gives a significant feeling/meaning to it, you usually can sense it.  Like that purple would stand out. 

Me:  No, you can sense it 🙂

J: No, most  people would.  See this sense is like a muscle.  For me, no matter what skill you have, it’s all “muscle”.  All muscles need practice and training to get stronger.  So if you learn to pay attention to your dreams, then you are already exercising that muscle.  So if everyday you learn a little bit from your dreams, you’re exercising that muscle, eventually you will be able to tell (analyze your dreams).

Me:  So you would suggest to someone, if they’re having dreams, it’s probably best to write it down and analyze the dream and always document the dreams and see if there are is any repetition?

J:  Well, people who have the intention to get into dreams (people who’s intention is to be a dream analyzer), I would suggest that. 

Me:  I think it should be for people whose dreams are affecting them. 

J:  Dreams usually do.  People are always looking for tools to interpret their dreams like books, they study it and they don’t know what it means because people are looking for meaning elsewhere.  But really dreams reflect what is around you.  Because as I said, as human as we are, we have a greater self in us.  The greater self can sense quite far.  It can sense something is going to happen to us.  It can sense the past and future.  So it will try everything it can to assist us to complete our task of life.  And that’s why if you learn how to read your own dreams, you will start to realize that it can actually help you deal with whatever situation you’re in.  It’s like a little crew.

 – – – –

Hopefully this post will help some of you who have dreams that you wanted answers for or wanted to know what the dream was about.  It certainly gave me some answers to my dreams.  Bottom line is, listen to your dreams because its usually relates back to your current life that needs attention before you can move forward.  Don’t analyze the dream too much but understand the emotions that were involved in the dreams.  When you practice analyzing, you will be more in tuned with the truth behind each dream. 

There are only a couple of definitions that need clarification.  This is explained in my own terms from what I have learned before.

Past Life Database – People have a database much like a computer hard drive that has information on all their past lives.  It is a collection of all the experiences that one has had in all past lives so that the soul can use it to learn with it.  People generally don’t know how to access their database.  They will only have glimpses of it through dreaming or sometimes, a deja vu experience.  It shows up most if it was a past traumatic experience and it’s easy to spot because one will have phobias, fears, or strong preferences that cannot be explained.

Spirit Guide – This term is used loosely and is defined differently by different psychics.  My definition is another soul who instead of going through another human life, makes a pact to travel with you in your journey of your next (human) life.  This soul is generally called your spirit guide.  People have many guides but I think there is always one main guide.  The others come into your life only when needed.  J’s definition of spirit guide is your own soul.  Your own soul can communicate with you as a human.  But because we are so human and have lost that ability to tap into our subconscious, we cannot hear our spirit guide/soul.  Only when we are in a dream or elevated state, we can.

Task of Life/Life Task – the theory is that we are all meant to accomplish a certain life task.  Everyone’s life task is different.  If there are certain challenges that constantly show up in your life, chances that is your or one of your life tasks.  It will continue showing up, until you learn from it.

Sweet Dreams!

For my conversation with Joanne about 2012 please click here.


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