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January 30, 2011

On with my ramen hunt.  Benkei was one of the first ramen restaurants I wanted to try because there was much buzz around it when they first opened in 2007.  The first location was on Robson and since it was a big hit, Benkei has since opened 4 more locations in Vancouver (2 locations only a minute drive from eachother)  making it the first chain of ramen houses in Vancouver.  Ofcourse, having so many stores has it’s benefits it certainly creates a whole lot of uncertainty amongst food lovers – something about the idea of chain restaurants turns foodies off, maybe because of its lack of uniqueness or that the  they thing food quality goes down.

Nonetheless, it I have wanted to give it a go but each time, another ramen house gets in my way and I end up trying other ramen houses.  But I finally did recently…went to the West Broadway location near UBC.  First impression was great – happy staff, all japanese staff, nice japanese feel and very busy.

Since it was only the 2 of us, we were only able to try 2 broths. 

All in all, I had a good experience at Benkei.  It goes to show that chain restaurants can maintain good quality.  Again, the ramen and broth is not the best I’ve tried.  Santouka is still my #1.  But variety is great and if you haven’t tried Benkei yet, then I would say go for it!

5 locations:

545 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC – 604.568.4861

3217 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC – 604.568.8374

43 e 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC – 604.688.6790

747 Thurlow, Vancouver, BC – 604.568.8371

1741 Robson St, Vancouver, BC – 604.688.6980


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