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Mastro’s Ocean Club – Crystals Mall, Las Vegas

January 12, 2011

I was wanting to go to this restaurant since I saw it in January but sadly, they weren’t opened yet.  This restaurant was so appealing to me for so many reasons.  The restaurant is in the nicest shopping mall I have ever seen and the architecture of this restaurant is so creatively and elegantly designed.  The idea of situating the restaurant in a architecturally constructed treehouse brings out the child in every adult but the chicness in the design brings out the panache in us.  This was my first visit to one of the 9 restaurants that Mastro’s  has across the U.S., so I didn’t know what to expect.  I just knew I had to try it the next time I went to Vegas.

So I finally make it to the restaurant  and the interior is exquisite.  The openness and the clean white tables offer a warm welcome and the live music from the pianist was a bonus.  As expected a few of the staff, and only a few, were a tad pretentious, but that didn’t spoil my enthusiasm.  I was super-excited to see if the food would match up to the great ambience.  We thought we would be smarter this time and order even less food but in the end, we over-ordered and you will see how.

Now that I have your taste buds’ attention…

I would, beyond a shadow of a doubt, recommend Mastro’s Ocean Club  to everyone who goes to Vegas and for so many reasons.  But really, if everything was a flop but I had the lobster mash and the butter cake, it would have still been sooo worth it.  The service was really good (aside from the occasional moments of not-so-special treatment by 2 employees).  I really enjoyed the food although they could probably tone down the size of the sides –  I get that it’s Vegas and it’s the gluttony capital of the world but really, it’s too excessive and not necessary.  I believe there is still a wow factor even if the sides were cut by half.  Another point: the menu doesn’t show how the main ingredient is prepared, so if you don’t like surprises, it’s best to ask the server what your dish is prepared with.

Oh yes, they also have their signature Cosmopolitan martini as well.  The addition of a dry ice chip actually gives the martini a bit of a visual effect to it.  If you try it, please let me know how it is.

And tell ’em Soulspiration sent you!

Mastro’s Ocean club at Crystals Mall, Las Vegas: 702.798.7115

Also 8 more locations in Arizona, California and Illinois.


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  1. Mike permalink

    The rib eye looks good

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