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Red 8 – Wynn, Las Vegas

January 10, 2011

Red 8 is another restaurant we tried in Vegas.  This Chinese restaurant is located inside Wynn hotel and my cuz wanted to try this restaurant because he heard it was good.  Ofcourse he heard this from a non-Chinese (no offense) so I have to admit I was skeptical, but mainly because Red8 was located in a western style hotel catering to westerners, mainly Americans.  So although I didn’t doubt the food was good, I doubted it would taste authentic.  And being raised eating Chinese food, it was hard for me to justify paying so much money for common Chinese dishes.

From what I recall, Red8 didn’t open until 11am.  And since they serve dim sum, I wasn’t too impressed with their late open.  We had to wait a half hour for them to open.  And I tell you, our mothers were not impressed.  When we were seated and given our menus, our mothers were astounded by the prices.  They pretty much flipped out at the prices.  But we explained to them that for a hotel, the prices are not unusual.  After some mumblin’ and grumblin’ from them, we all agreed to order.

So I’m sure you know what I think of this place.  The food isn’t bad, but it isn’t that good.  Surprisingly though, all of the cooks were all Chinese.   But if you’re looking for food safety, then Red 8 is the place.  But you are paying a much (more than double) price for mediocre tasting food.  For me, I would rather go to Sam Woo’s in Chinatown Vegas.  Their food is inexpensive, authentic and good.  If you go, please let me know what you think.


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