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Alvin Garden – Hot Hot Hot

December 14, 2010

Discovered this restaurant from an out-of-town acquaintance.  Yes, someone from another city recommended this restaurant.  I’ve passed by this place a gagillion times and never thought once to try it out, even when this restaurant was called The Xiang.  It looked like Chinese-Canadian food to me and especially when it was re-named Alvin Garden.  I mean, who would think that an authentic Chinese restaurant would have an English name and a name like Alvin at that.  I seriously expected a disappointing lunch although it didn’t matter as it was all about spending time with friends.

But my goodness, was I pleasantly surprised.  Praise to you ,Alvin, (owner’s son) for inspiring your parents to open this restaurant.  Ok, I’m exaggerating, maybe Alvin didn’t inspire the parents.  But he might as well, because one has to be inspired to make dishes this good.

Alvin Garden (Previously “The Xiang”) is actually known for its authentic Hunan cuisine.  The Hunan province in China is a neighbor of Chong Qing and a province away from Sichuan so their cuisine is similar, especially their level of spiciness.  And I ain’t kidding when I say their food is spicy.  Ofcourse there are the few dishes that aren’t spicy so don’t you fret you anti-chili diners.  There’s a variety of dishes for everyone.  The pics below are of two visits, one was lunch and one was dinner – same menu.

Great food and extensive menu.  Thumbs up for this restaurant.  And I concur, this restaurant is as authentic as it gets.  I would recommend asking for mild spicy if you go.  I love spicy food and have quite a high tolerance for spicy foods but the medium spicy was quite strong.  Again, not all dishes are spicy, and I’m sure you can get no spice for many of the dishes I posted.  You must try this restaurant.

4850 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC

604.437.0828 ‎


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