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Safari Paradise Part III Kenya

November 22, 2010

I know this post took a a long time to publish.  Picking out and sizing down the pics are so time-consuming.  The selection of pictures was so difficult because I loved them all.

Every part of our trip had its highlights.  But our experience at Masai Mara was awesome because the safaris were the best there.  Being up close and personal with some of the most aggressive wild animals of the world was such a surreal experience.  The beauty of the savannah – the perfectly distributed acacia trees, the grass that feeds half the animals there but also camouflages its predators like the lion, the long magical river that is the blood line for every living organism – is a reminder of how things are supposed to be.

This chapter of our trip painted a true reality of the dangers the animals have to face each day.  We managed to witness the wildebeests and zebras crossing the river on our full day safari.  Everyday, herds of zebras and wildebeests swim back and forth across this river that’s full of crocodiles and other predators.  I asked our guide and he told us it was a mystery why they didn’t just remain on one side of the river once they’ve crossed.  My guess is that they eat the grass off each side of the river to balance out the ecosystem somehow.

When we went, other wildebeests had already crossed and had already experienced tragedy.  Unfortunately, once one zebra/wildebeest panics, the rest will panic creating a stampede of them trampling over one another and eventually resulting in many deaths.  Upon our arrival, we saw dozens of dead wildebeests in the water.  We first saw vultures circling in the air and then we saw some of them in the river perched on what we thought were boulders.  Sadly, we were wrong.  The vultures were actually perched on wildebeest carcasses pecking away at their lifeless bodies.  Meanwhile, across the way, crocodiles were basking in the sun, trying to digest the food they feasted on just hours ago.  Again, it was brutal, but it was a true depiction of life in the wild.  Survival of the fittest.  The circle of Life. 

I’ve tried keeping the pics to a minimum because I think the videos that I took did the Mara more justice.  Plus there were things in the video we captured that we couldn’t capture on photo.  Hope you enjoy and can experience the awe of the Mara.

So I finally figured out how to convert my videos to mpeg2’s and to post them.  There are quite a few videos but that was only 1/4 of them.  I hope you’re able to capture the essence of beautiful Kenya like we did.  If you ever go, and need some tips, send me an email, would be happy to oblige!

(My favorite video)

For more on Kenya please click the following link: Part I or Part II

For contact info for my tour guide in Kenya, please visit Part I


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