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Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler

November 4, 2010

Like most Vancouverites, Whistler is a common place to go for a brief getaway or for a celebration.  All year round there are things to do there, skiing/snowboarding being the most popular.  But what’s not as recognized there is scene.  They are some amazing restaurants there in Whistler Village.  And because of our winter Olympics this year, many restaurants have stepped up and have either improved their existing restaurant or opened a new restaurant to raise the culinary bar in Whistler. 

Recently, we went up to Whistler to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday.  For his birthday dinner, he chose Bearfoot Bistro.  I thought- Bearfoot Bistro?  Sounds like fine-dining for hunters.  I really had no expectations although I figured the restaurant must have been quite pricey since my brother-in-law, who loves fine-dining, chose it.  But from the moment I walked in, I had good impressions of the restaurant –  large restaurant, with a large lounge and a large formal dining room, all very well decorated.  They also have a Vodka ice room and a HUGE wine cellar which everyone must see if dining there. 

The service and ambience were great.  We went in Septemeber and the restaurant was actually full.  I found most of the items in the menu were very creative and many of their ingredients were locally bought which was a plus for me.  The wine list, naturally, was super extensive.  Just deciding on wine alone took a half hour.  We all ordered the 3 course menu.  This is what I initially thought was a bit confusing because there was a price for the 3 course, but most of the items from the menu had another additional price.  But it all worked out.  But expect to pay more than the course menu price.  Although ordering was a bit of a challenge, to our very pleasant surprise, we were given more than just the 3 courses that we ordered.  Some palette cleansers and some amuse bouche were served between our meals which added to our very captivating dining experience.

Needless to say, we had a fantastic dining experience.  The next time I’m having a bad week, I will know to drive up to Whistler just to have dinner there.  Their food will make all my worries go away, atleast in the meantime. 

Be prepared to lighten your wallet by a bit when going to this restaurant.  Without ordering any drinks, the price is already at around $80 – $100.  But is it worth the experience?  Absolutely.  I totally recommend this restaurant.  Time will fly by with your dining experience here (we spent 4 hours there).  Make sure you bring a camera and don’t forget to order the Nitro Ice Cream regardless of how full you are.  It’ll be a treat to watch and to eat.

Phone: 604.932.3433
Fax: 604.932.8383

4121 Village Green
Whistler, BC, Canada
V0N 1B4


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