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Santouka (Hokkaido) Ramen

November 3, 2010

Was on our way to try out Benkei for ramen today when we walked by this ramen restaurant. I thought, what the hay. Must be Kismet.  We got seated right away (no lineups??? so unheard of) since the restaurant was only half full. That certainly made us nervous. But in a matter of minutes, the restaurant got jam-packed. Whew!
I have so many other restaurants that I still need to post but I just had to talk about this one. I think I found my new favorite ramen hangout!  I was really impressed with Santouka.  I never realized there were even different styles of ramen.  But I guess there is since Santouka’s awning does show that it serves Hokkaido style ramen.  And now I am more the wiser.  I’m so glad that there is ramen from different regions of Japan.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              So this ramen house is a must try.  I forgot to mention the prices are a bit higher (around $9 per bowl) and it’s not like they’re overly generous with their portion sizes.  I didn’t think I was satisfied with just one bowl of noodles, but in the end it kept me full the entire evening.  You can get a bigger bowl for $1 extra – I just hope it’s not just the bowl that’s bigger and they actually give you more noodles.  I will be trying that the next time I’m there.  I am sure to return and try the Shio broth and their Chef’s Special Gyoza.  Enjoy!  I sure did!

Santouka (Hokkaido) Ramen:  1690 Robson St Vancouver, BC – 604.681.8121


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