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Kintaro vs Motomachi Shokudo

October 31, 2010

One of my favorite quick meals is ramen.  There are quite a few good authentic ramen restaurants here in Vancouver.  Two of the more popular ones are actually sister restaurants:  Kintaro and Motomachi Shokudo.  Ironically, they both serve ramen and are literally a 3 second walk away from eachother on a block that is riddled with other Japanese Restaurants.

I first tried the ramen at Motomachi Shokudo since Kintaro, although they had more buzz with their ramen, had too big of a lineup for me and my hunger.  Besides, I don’t believe in lining up for over 15 minutes regardless of how popular or delish the food is.  And was I glad I did.  There are some obvious differences between the 2 restaurants.  Kintaro is a sort of street or back alley type of restaurant.  Unlike Motomachi, they didn’t pay much attention to decor or the look of their menu.  The restaurant is very simple and not very updated.  The prices on the menu are slightly less than Moto S and the portions did seem slightly bigger.  The ramen is definitely better than many of the ramen places out there, but I enjoyed Moto S a lot more.

Maybe it was the cleaner washroom, or the more comfortable seating or the better decor that made my ramen at Moto S taste better.  Or maybe I did truly prefer the broth and their broth choices more than Kintaro.  The ramen at Motomachi was also a lot firmer than Kintaro.   Also, Motomachi’s ingredients were alot fresher and they use a lot more organic or natural ingredients, which is a plus for me.  Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, because of Kintaro’s lineups, they have found a very efficient way of speeding up the turnover.  When you’re lining up, they will give you a menu and take your order so that your food arrives faster (supposedly) once you are seated.  I’m not sure if Motomachi does this, but we didn’t experience it.

You’ll see pics of ramen from both restaurants below starting with Kintaro.

I preordered my ramen before we got our table so I didn't see this until I sat down. Looks delish and many people were ordering it. Spicy miso broth with a ball of minced garlic on top. I love garlic and spice so had I known, I would have ordered this instead. If anyone has tried this before please let me know.

Watch out cheese lovers. Kintaro's Cheese Ramen - 2 types of cheeses: a large slice of soft cheese on the top and grated cheese just underneath. I'm telling you, it's alot a cheese. This was ok for me. I realized that ramen and cheese don't really go great together.


I chose fatty pork for my cheese ramen. Much softer and easier to eat than the lean pork.

The miso broth for this ramen was one of the better broths I've tried.


At Kintaro, you have a choice of Lean or fatty pork. We ordered lean pork for the bbq pork ramen. Lean overcooked pork is a bit dry so if you’re not too worried about calories, get the fatty pork.

Motomachi Shokudo's Bamboo Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen -I wish I took more pics of this one and before I started eating it. It smelled so good, I forgot to take the pic beforehand. It's a blend of ingredients that I love: Bamboo, with a bit of smokey charcoal flavor with a kick. Served in a miso broth. The ramen is more al dente style which I prefer. Yummy!

Here’s Motomachi’s ramen creations.  You’ll notice the bbq pork ramen we ordered looks much better than Kintaro.  Then again, you do pay a bit more…but so worth it.

Motomachi Shokudo's Extra Bbq Pork Miso Ramen-It's a bit hard to notice on this pic, but the pork in this ramen looks so much better than Kintaro's. They actually bbq it so that you can see the sear lines on the pork. The taste is much better than Kintaro's as well. And the broth had a lot more flavor.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sorry I didn’t have the chance to take a pic of Kintaro’s menu.  But here’s part of Motomachi’s menu.

I really don’t know what the big hype is about Kintaro.  Maybe we went on a bad day.  I would still suggest trying both since they both have different creations.  In fact, I’m probably going back to Kintaro so I can try their spicy Miso broth.  If I do, I will update this post.  I would recommend going to Motomachi Shokudo first though.  Please, let me know your thoughts!   
788 Denman St
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 682-7568
Motomachi Shokudo
740 Denman St
Vancouver, BC V6G 2L5
(604) 609-0310

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