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Tojo’s Restaurant

October 16, 2010

I have been to Tojo’s several times, before and after they relocated.  I’ve even had the honor of meeting Tojo san once before.  He is definitely an Icon when it comes to Japanese chefs.  Tojo’s, the restaurant, has always been rated one of Vancouver’s most popular restaurants.  It usually wins hands down as Vancouver’s finest Japanese restaurants.  In the past several years, Tojo’s has continued to thrive in their new location on West Broadway. 

We decided to head to Tojo’s on a weekday since we were close by.  To be honest, I don’t remember much of what I ate from the past so it usually indicates that the food was not terrible but not spectacular either.  But my husband wanted to go and I never say no to going to a nice restaurant.  The decor is very modern and very different from the old Tojo’s –  Super high ceilings and many more tables.  The old Tojo’s certainly had a more Japanese ambience to it.  The service was outstanding and our server had a great sense of humour.  But I swear the food was a lot more creative at the old Tojo’s. 

In the past, I have ordered the Chef’s selection of dishes called Omakase.  But this time, we wanted to order à la carte.  We didn’t order too much as it was for only 2 people and I didn’t take a picture of the tempura that we ordered as well.

Tojo's Selection Sashimi - Red Tuna (left), Salmon - I think it was Coho (top), Tai (bottom), Tuna (bottom right), Hamachi (top right), Hotate & Amaebi (right corner). The fish was undoubtedly fresh. But this dish was quite pricey.

Great Pacific Roll (sides) - wild sockeye salmon inside and outside also with avocado inside. Spider Roll (centre) - soft shelled crab, avocado, and asparagus rolled with a thinly sliced cucumber. These rolls were quite delicious and very nicely rolled. The menu showed sockeye salmon on the roll but it didn't look like sockeye.

Baked sablefish with Tojo's secret marinade. This dish was good not great. The marinade tasted like miso and with a sweet ingredient, maybe sugar or honey.

Sorry for the few pictures.  Maybe I will add more if I ever go back.  But I probably won’t be for awhile.  Although the seafood and the ingredients are really fresh, I think the prices are really high for what is given.  Especially the regular menu.  I find it hard to justify paying this much money for typical dishes that are just fresh but not spectacular, particularly when great restaurants like Nobu in Las Vegas has very comparable prices but far more creative and better tasting dishes. 
I would still recommend going to Tojo’s only because of it’s popularity.  It’s a great place to take a very important client.  If you do go, I would recommend ordering the omakase.  The regular dishes really aren’t unique in any way but the ingredients are fresh.  And I would suggest going on the weekend.  Maybe they have more specialty dishes during then.  But if you want to try another restaurant of the same caliber but prefer better food and better prices, then I would also suggest Miku in downtown.  I’ve blogged about Miku as well and i had a great experience there.

Tojo’s Restaurant


1133 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V6H 1G1

For info on Miku Japanese Restaurant please click here.


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