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Market by Jean-Georges: Shangri-La

September 26, 2010


There was a lot of buzz with Market before it was open.  And for obvious reasons.  In the first year, when I went, the food was really impressive.  But overtime, there was a decline in the taste in some of the dishes somehow  until recently when they had a change in the Chefs, particularly Chef Karen.  And I’m not only saying this because I know her. 

I must admit, Market was one of my favorite restaurants.  The decor, food and drinks were impressive.  My only issue with them was some of the staff.  During their first year when they were super busy, the hostesses would greet you with a sort of elitist attitude.  I guess that is common among popular bars and restaurants.  Nonetheless, it makes it a poor start to what should be a great evening.

The service has changed since then, I notice.  The staff there are friendlier (with the exception of the typical one or two) and the Maitre D actually has a great sense of humor and is very personable.  The dishes have come back to where it was when Market first opened.  Especially the popular truffle pizza.  I was sadly disappointed the past few times when I ordered the Truffle Pizza.  It just didn’t have that full bodied truffle taste from the first 2 times I was there.  This time around, maybe because Chef Karen was aware of my concerns and added more truffles, the pizza was exceptionally good.

In fact, I have to admit, there wasn’t one dish that we had that was unsatisfactory.  And we had a lot of dishes.  We were fortunate to have Chef Karen setup an 8 course meal for us.  It was a lot of food and we were stuffed.  But the food was still sooo good even on a full stomach which says a lot.  Compliments to the Chef!

Really, none of the dishes were a disappointment.  In fact, it may have been too much cuisine-euphoria for one evening.  We seriously had enough food for 3 dinners.  But I’m not complaining!

I don’t think I need to repeat this, but in case you didn’t read through the pics, if you are considering going to Market, you must must must try the truffle pizza.  I don’t usually order the same dish when I go back to a restaurant but I always order the truffle pizza.  And if you’re a meat lover, go for the tenderloin.  It is so tender it literally feels like it melts in your mouth.  I assure you, you won’t regret it.

So again, thank you Chef Karen for making this meal a memorable one.  Especially for May.  We will be back!

For more info visit their website or call 604.695.1115

Located at Shangri-La at 1115 Alberni St, Vancouver.

Tell them Soulspiration sent you!


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