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MIKU Restaurant

September 18, 2010

A Japanese restaurant tactfully placed on the edge of Downtown Vancouver close to the myriad of high end hotels, Miku Restaurant opened their doors in the winter of 2008.  It’s probably popular amidst the Downtowners, but I only stumbled upon it when we were looking for a restaurant to take my out-of-town cousin.  And was I glad I did. 

Being in the downtown business district, the prices are understandably higher.  But the portions were great making the price, in my eyes, quite reasonable.  They do their best to support Ocean Wise fish, which I love, and they also do not serve bottled, or should I say, pre-bottled water.  Instead, they have a state-of-the-art filtration system supplied by Vivreau, that dispenses both still and sparkling water into reuseable glass bottles.  Genius!  The money earned from the Vivreau water will be used to pay for the machine.  Once the machine is paid off, part of the profits will be donated.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner at MIKU.  Especially the MIKU created dishes.  There are so many Japanese restaurants in Vancouver making it hard for new businesses to do well and they certainly did a good job making their mark.  I have to admit, MIKU raised the bar for higher end Japanese food.  If I were to choose between the popular Tojo’s and MIKU, I would pick MIKU.  The prices are a lot less, and the food and presentation, I think, is noticeably better.  The East meets West ambience and the food art certainly makes the experience there a memorable one.

I highly recommend this restaurant.  The presentation, taste, freshness, service and ambience is great.  Plus, they are a lot more environmentally conscious than other Japanese restaurants – it is very difficult to  have a sushi bar and be Ocean Wise.   I thought the dishes there were worth the price but relative to a typical Japanese restaurant, the prices are on the high side.  Although this meal may hurt your wallet a tad, it will surely satisfy your stomach!

For more info visit their website.   Telephone: 604-568-3900

Address: #2 – 1055 West Hastings Street
                  (Guinness Tower)
                  Vancouver, BC,

Tell them you heard about them through Soulspiration!

For more sushi restaurants read my blog on Tojo


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