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Safari Paradise in Kenya – Part 1: Nairobi, Aberdare, Mt Kenya

August 21, 2010

I had the great opportunity to live out one of my dreams that I’ve had since I was a child. Last month, I set out on my dream trip to Kenya (and Zanzibar).  Five of us bit the bullet and decided to take a vacation to magical East Africa. And was it ever memorable. We had the chance to witness so many great wonders. From animals in the wild, to animals in captivity, to the coexistence of animals and humans to  the coexistence between modern and traditional cultures.  It truly was a wonderful thing to watch.

During our time in Kenya, we stayed in 3 Fairmont hotels. I must admit, the people at Fairmont sure know how to give great service. It must have been a mixture of the Kenyan culture and the quality of service that Fairmont offers, but we felt more like guests rather than customers at the hotels. Each hotel was situated in different parts of Kenya: Nairobi, Mount Kenya, and Masai Mara.

Although some parts of the trip was cold (especially further up the mountain), July/August were good months to go. Not too hot, and not too much rain. Plus, the wildebeest migration starts from July to around October which is why that time is Kenya’s high season for travelling. Tourists travel to Kenya particularly to see this natural wonder (which you will see in part 2 of my blog).

It took us 20 hours to get there (not including layover), but it was well worth the pain. Ultimately, to witness the wild animals with their natural behaviors and in their natural element, is absolutely magical. Ofcourse, it can sometimes be brutally real, but regardless, it’s easy to appreciate the true meaning of the Circle of Life.

We took thousands of pics. Since there are so many pictures, I will probably break it up into different blogs. I still need to go through the last half of the trip anyway (which was the most exciting part).

Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya. It is also the hub when traveling to and around Kenya. Being out of my element, I felt a tiny bit nervous. But by getting to know many of the locals, I realized that they are very hospitable and courteous to tourists. Tourism is a very big industry there, and it’s many locals’ livelihood. So they are so thankful for us travelers.

In the few pics I have chosen, you will see the places we travelled in the first week:  Nairobi (Giraffe & Elephant Sanctuary), Aberdare Park, The Ark in Aberdare Park, Ol Pajeta Conservatory/Sweetwaters, and Solio.

I would definitely recommend the Giraffe & Elephant Sanctuaries, especially the Giraffe.  There aren’t too many places in the world where you can have physical interaction with these animals.  Seeing the height of the giraffes in real life is absolutely awe-inspiring. 

On the way up to the Ark, you can stop by a lodge to have lunch.  It is relaxing, and you can take a nature walk to see the wild game.   After lunch, head up to The Ark (hotel) for a new experience.  The Ark is a hotel built many years ago and it’s quite nice to stay there for one night to see the animals drinking from the salt lick.  The hotels have several glass wall which enables the tourists to have a full view of the animals in the salt lick.  Also, there is a observation deck and a basement bunker-style viewing area where you can really see the animals up close.  All in all, Aberdare and The Ark are a good intro to the monster of all safaris in Masai Mara. 

The chimp sanctuary in Ol Pajeta is nice to see.  You won’t see chimps anywhere else as they are not indigenous to East Africa.  I enjoyed this because they were in a habitat similar to the wild and it was very educational.   They can’t get too close to you because of the electrical wires, but I assure you, they’re close enough.

Solio is another good way to ease into the larger safaris.  This area is good because you see a lot of White & Black Rhinos, and baboons as you’ll see in the pics.

Enjoy the pics and look forward to posting part 2 soon!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

If you are looking for a great tour guide or you want assistance in booking tours/safaris in Kenya, feel free to contact Nicholas at He is well-connected and super informative and he’s an honest man to boot!

For more on Kenya please click the following: Part II or Part III


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  1. its really adventurous to go for safari. who love safari. kenya is best for it. no one can deny this thing.

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