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Do you believe in psychics?

July 23, 2010

So recently, I met someone who is a psychic. I’ve seen and spoken with many psychics and she is like no other I’ve met. Firstly, she is Asian which is unique. Secondly, she is very direct. She will tell you the honest truth even if ain’t pretty.
We’ve had a some time to be better acquainted and I have to admit she is very interesting. Her answers to life questions resonate with me and it is very similar to my beliefs.
She does have more ability than most psychics I’ve met and she can “channel” most answers quite accurately.
I will talk about her in more depth later, but in the meantime, she has agreed to answer any questions you may have. So please post some questions for her to answer. Please keep them general; about the world, life in general, spirituality. I.e, do not ask questions about yourself. Key word: general.
I encourage you to challenge her with any questions.

I will post these answers hopefully in a month.


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