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PSI Seminars – (let’s get this straight)

July 18, 2010

Since my first experience with this motivational program almost 6 months ago, I have had conversations with many people.  Some were positive, and some weren’t so positive.  I can speak for PSI members when I say that we have encountered much resistance from non-PSI members since we did our first course – non-PSI members meaning people who have never attended a course conducted by PSI.  And I must admit, right after I finished the first course and spoke with people about it, I was surprised to see how people reacted to it.

Firstly, I want to stress to you that this course by any definition, is NOT a cult.  It does have to do with some spirituality, but don’t confuse this with religion.  It has nothing to do with religion or a belief in any God, or worship or idolizing of any person, living or otherwise.  We do not gather around and pray or chant or read any religious books/texts.  There are no sacrifices of animals being made, and have no ritual practices.  Nobody tells you that you have to leave your family or your job or your friends or your partner (if they do, it’s because they probably had a realization and they did it on their own free will).  So before you read on, please get all that out of your head.

PSI is a motivational program one can call it.  This started out as a vision from one man who wanted to create a business that benefited people and the world – hmmm, a for-profit business that actually did some good, rare to find nowadays.  He did not found most of the ideas, but he was able to put them into a program that was very effective for almost everyone.  Essentially, the program(s), or the course(s), is about self-discovery.  It is about digging deep down your psyche, and recognizing what causes your limitations…what triggers you have learned in your past that obstructed you from your goals.  It’s about teaching you to be honest with yourself and others.  The course is designed to psychologically break you down (sounds harsher than what it really is)- and for you skeptics, it’s not through torture or physical pain – so that your barriers (psychological and emotional) are not in the way.  Then you are shown your true potential.  Your “what-can-be” is unleashed.  Once you realize your possibilities, you are given the tools to start living your potential. 

While I agree this is a phenomenal program, I don’t want people to think that they become this success story overnight after taking the course.  Nor am I saying that you will even achieve any of your goals.  Nothing is a guarantee.  But it’s not because of PSI and their courses, it’s because of you as an individual.  The premise stands true whether you do this course or not.  Your success has everything to do with you and your actions (or lack thereof).  If you take this course (or not) and you do not act or take necessary steps to achieve your successes, then guess what?….you’ll be right back where you were.  Nobody became successful because it fell on their lap.  They had to take action and risk first. 

So let’s be realistic, PSI doesn’t give you some magic pill that you take overnight so that when you wake up, you’re everything you wanted to be.  They don’t hypnotize you and tell you, “you will be successful…you will be successful.”  What they do teach you is that you are where you are at because of you.  Similarly, you are NOT where you want to be because of you.  And this is not just about money or fame or fortune.  It applies to physical health, relationships, romance, spirituality, happiness, well-being etc etc etc…  You name it, you chose it.  This isn’t about blame or accusations.  This is about accountability and acknowledgement.  It’s about learning why or how you chose these limitations,  e.g., Why do you have certain fears, limitations, anger, sadness, resistance, skepticism?  Why don’t you have a relationship that you want with that certain someone (partner, parent, friend, colleague, sibling)?  Why aren’t you where you aspire to be?  The truth is, you may think you know, but during this course you discover the real reasons why.

So many questions that I want answer but will only answer some for the sake of not boring you.  Why are there different courses?  There are different levels.  It is a progressive program.  The Basic course, which is the first course, is designed to lay your foundation for you.  They are creating positive building blocks and simple tools.  The next level, PSI7, takes it 100 notches up and pushes you to apply the principles that you have learned from Basic to challenge your fears or limitations.  Then there’s the Leadership program and Prinicpia.  I haven’t taken them yet, but I’m sure they have designed it so that each level is more intense and more inspiring.  Are the courses relatively expensive?  I would say so.  But let’s put this into perspective.  How much would you pay to be a better mother/father/child/sibling/friend/partner/student/teacher/humanitarian/husband/wife?  How much would you pay to learn how to work more effectively, to make more money, to have better relationships, to have better health or fitness?  How much do you think you will pay to really learn how to succeed?  For me, I will do or pay whatever it takes (within reason ofcourse) to live a better life.  When you do these courses, you will understand why they cost more money.  The Basic doesn’t cost alot considering it is 4 full days.  But with the other courses, it’s easy to see why they cost more money.  There are fantastic facilitators (best speakers in the world, I think), intense challenges, room and board, and non-stop learning for days.  And I certainly think this experience is worth a lot more than a purse, or a vacation, or a new TV/electronic, or even a home reno. 

Why does there have to be so many courses?  Well, how many years have you been in this world?  To think that a 4 day course will completely alter/improve your way of thinking and improve your habits is utterly unrealistic.  With each level t

hat you do, there is, without a doubt, a shift of consciousness.  Your perspective, awareness, mood, and mentality will have more clarity.  It is merely a shift, but one that is powerful enough.  When you combine all the courses together you create a more dynamic and confident you.  There will be no stopping you (except yourself ofcourse).  Do you have to have a destitute life to do these courses? ..No.  Do I believe that even the most accomplished person can find great value in these courses?…absolutely. 

So like I said, I have heard all the “reasons” for not doing this course:  I’d rather spend on something else; I don’t need help; I’m on the right track; I can’t afford it, I don’t need to change; I don’t want to change; I just don’t want to; I have God to help me; I don’t have time; I’ve done something like this before; maybe later; I’m good; I’m not ready; I don’t believe in it; I don’t want to join a cult; don’t judge me; yada yada yada….  I don’t regard any of these “reasons” as legitimate.  What I hear is: I’m lazy; I’m insecure; I’m scared; I don’t want to admit or show that I do need help; I refuse to admit that there is anything wrong with me; I totally don’t trust anything including this program; I don’t want to feel uncomfortable; I want to avoid the real reason why I haven’t achieved my goal(s).  What is your reason?

I wish I could tell you more about the individual courses, but I don’t want to spoil it for the people who are going to take it.  People who haven’t taken this course will find it hard to understand or imagine what we are talking about.  My analogy is this:  imagine a great big wall, that separates 2 worlds.  One world had vibrant colors; grass is green, colorful flowers, colorful animals. etc etc…. The other world is black and white, and people who live in that world had never seen color.  The people who climbed over the wall to see the world of color are trying to convince the others that it’s a more beautiful world on “the other side”.  Meanwhile the black & white world of people are resisting and absolutely cannot understand how color can even exist.  How can the people in the color world convince the people of the black and white world that it’s better?  They can’t.  The people in the black & white world will just have to trust the other side.  How can I convince you that this course will help you?  I can’t.  You’ll just have to trust me and do it.  This analogy may sound corny, but it is exactly how I see it.  I wish everyone could take this course.  This world would be a better place if this were the case.  Just remember, this is YOUR life.  You can do as you wish.  But you are responsible for it.  You are responsible for making changes if you do not like the situation that you are in.  You are responsible for learning how to care for yourself.  When you are more positive, you will create a ripple effect, and your environment will be more positive.  When you create change, change will inevitably happen.  If you think you will be successful, you will.  If you think you won’t be successful, you won’t.  It ain’t rocket science everyone.  Do yourself a favor, do this course or even try other similar organizations.  You owe it to yourself and others.  And it is time for positive change.  Congrats to those who have done it or are doing it.  To those who haven’t, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me.  If you have done this course, I’d be happy to hear your experience.

“Notice your philosophy in life through your actions and your environment you created, and ask, is it working for you.” –

author unknown

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One Comment
  1. AMFV permalink

    I will confidently agree with AC on this blog topic. I took the basic course with my hubby. We were referred by AC. Our initial reactions after enrollment was; anger, fear, doubt, betrayal, offended and denial. We actually thought that this was a pyramid scheme where the person referring you will get money for every person that enrolls in this program. I cant begin to say how much of a fool I felt like when I found out that I was wrong. It was like, hey maybe someone actually cares enough about our well-being to ask us to do this. I remember AC said “Do you trust me? Then you should do this, it will be beneficial for G and u” I trust AC but it felt like she was saying that G and I have problems that why we need to enroll in the program.

    Bottom line, the dollar amount invested towards the program was worth it! And there is no looking back. It is true though that after the program you still need to consciously practice what you have learned because if you don’t you will go back to where you were before the program. After PSI I was able to mend broken relationships and realization of the relationships that was acting as a negative in my life. I have recently let my PSI knowledge slip and found myself slowly going back to square one, but I know all I need to do is put my PSI teachings back into action and I will be back on track. There is nothing worse then feeling that you have failed yourself, so please take in all the blog is saying and take the action to find your potential! I know mine and I will keep fighting for it!

    Good Job AC for clarifying that this isn’t a cult! =)

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