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BP Oil Spill

July 10, 2010

I just had to comment on this oil spill that is happening yet again.  Interesting how people learn, but companies don’t.  It truly breaks my heart how this nearly 3 month catastrophe still hasn’t been stopped.  You’d think that with all drilling, rigs, pipelines in the ocean, the oil companies would have already devised a technology or plan to prevent or stop this from happening for so long.  I guess they are too busy making profits. 

For those of you who do not know what really is going on, then it’s best you learn.  After all, knowledge creates awareness for what we are doing or not doing right.  From what I understand, one of the oil rigs that was put into the ocean bed of the Gulf of Mexico exploded and sank into the ocean.  The well which the rig was connected to ruptured from resulting in an estimated  5000 barrels of oil per day (approx 800,000 litres of oil per day).  This explosion happened April 20th and the oil spill has still not stopped despite BP’s efforts.   If the numbers are consistent (apparently it’s grossly underestimated), and the massive leak has been happening for 81 days, there has been at least 405,000 barrels (64,780,000 litres) spilled into the ocean.  The sad thing is, 5 – 10 times of that has been leaking out which brings the amount of barrels to the millions.  How’s that for a catastrophe.  There is so much oil on the surface of the ocean, that it can be seen from space.  More and more dead animals are being washed up or found. 

Now that I painted a very real picture for you, I’m hoping you can realize how detrimental this is to the livelihood of every living being on the face of this earth.  The reality is, that oil would have been released into the environment sooner or later, by us.  But that massive amount in such a short period of time would seem challenging for Mother Nature to filter out.  Apparently, BP was able to recover (by capping or burning the gases or oils) almost 756,000 barrels from the ocean.  That’s great, but how many thousands of gallons of oil are still left out there floating in the water?

I’m not trying to make anyone angry or feel guilty.  I’m merely stating the truth:  Earth is being destroyed mostly by us.  Over the past three months, there has been many reports by media and internet about the who is to blame:  BP, activists, Obama.  While I agree BP is responsible for this tragic event, I also believe that every one of us should be held accountable for what has been happening.  We have contributed to this indirectly.  The truth is, if there was no demand for oil/gas, there wouldn’t be any oil rigs or pipelines running through our majestic waters.  And we ALL use oil/gas one way or another: driving, flights, cooking, buying petroleum based products, electricity.  We have created this demand.  I’m not blaming us for this.  In fact, I don’t understand why people are so caught up in blaming as it really is not constructive.  Plus there is enough negativity out there.  All I want is for all of us to realize that we have created this indirectly and accept this accountability.  And that way we can move on to how we can be more responsible for the environment and create positive change.

Firstly, lets talk about what we can do.  The biggest thing we can do is to donate.  There are so many relief organizations out there that need as much assistance as possible.  Some of which are: 

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

National Wildlife Federation:

Mobile Bay Keepers


Also, if you’re in the area by chance, or you live in the contaminated area, and you see an oiled animal, please do not handle.  But please contact 1.866.557.1401.

Now for the long term goals.  I’ve always said this…reduce reduce reduce.  We need to find ways to reduce our usage of natural resources.  I’m not saying stop using because in this society, it’s virtually impossible.  But try reducing your usage of oil. 

  • Walk, jog, run, bike when you can.  Carpool.
  • Turn up your air-con by a degree or so, turn down your heat by a degree or so. Better yet, open your doors/windows instead of using a/c.  And weather-proof your house.
  • support alternative fuel or fuel efficient products (hybrids, Energystar appliances, solar, wind power, etc.)
  • try not to buy oil based products (they’re not good for you anyway).
  • grow you own fruits/vegetables.
  • do your best to buy local products.
  • (Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.  I would love to hear about it)

But really everyone, how many animals do we have to kill, how much more polluted do we have be, how many more illnesses do we have to have, how many more habitats do we have to destroy before we open our eyes and see what’s happening.  Look at the destruction that we have all contributed to.  What is it going to take before you make radical changes?  And may I stress RADICAL.  Because as it stands, that’s what is needed to make effective changes.  And if you are not willing to make any changes at all,  then do not judge what’s happening to our environment, food and health.  And if you are going to judge, then judge yourselves first.  Again, this is not a blame game.  It’s a reality check.  Please make some changes.  And let’s pray that the oil spill stops and the waters heal fast.


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