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Image is Everything

July 3, 2010

It’s always been very fascinating to me how people, without even speaking or acting, can say a lot about themselves….merely by their physical presentation.  That’s what has been on my mind lately.  Maybe because recently, while I was on my retreat, we weren’t given a lot of time to get ready, let alone pretty ourselves up.  And interestingly, even with only 10 minutes to get ready, some people had to make sure they wore styling clothes and had on makeup.

Some people ask me how I’m able to read people well.  And my opinion is that first impressions say a fair bit.  Firstly, how people look or how they present themselves says a lot.  This can be anything from the physical body to the eye shadow to their rings they wear.  Keep in mind, this is absolutely my opinion, but it seems to have worked for me.  And this is very general because of course there are exceptions to the rule .

So let’s discuss some easier features, such as the things that we wear.  Generally, clothes can say so much about a person.  A person wearing clothes that are many sizes larger than their actual size maybe uncomfortable with their weight and body shape,  i.e., they are hiding parts of their body that they don’t like.    Someone who wears properly fitted, fitted  or body hugging type of clothes are generally confident about their body.  If one is wearing tight clothes, they may not actually be comfortable with themselves but feel they may only be liked by their physical “appeal”.  Especially if that person is not only wearing tight clothes, but revealing clothes from top to bottom.  On the other hand, someone who is completely covered up (turtleneck going up to their chin, sleeves, pants, socks, closed toe shoes, especially ones with shoe laces) is telling me (generally) that they do not respond well to intimate physical touch (i.e., hugging anyone, intimacy; especially with someone new, having someone’s arm around them etc), and they may also have a lower self-esteem.

Shoes…I love shoes.  Shoes can say so much about people.  Even men.  Generally speaking, someone can wear nice clothes, have nice hair, and nice everything (men and women alike), but if the soles of their shoes are worn, or their shoes look overly worn, they’re probably misleading you with their higher-class image.  Shoes therefore, are quite correlated with social status.  Someone who has more wealth will generally have more shoes and will rarely have any pair that is over-worn.  Someone who is not as wealthy, although they may have the nice clothes and/or bags, will usually have fewer shoes.  Maybe because it’s the last thing to think to buy as part of their wardrobe.  Even people who have really expensive shoes, if their soles are worn out, same deal. 

Also, when it comes to shoes for women, I find that heels are extremely sexy for a woman.  Not 10 inch heels…that would be another classification…but heels that are over 2 inches high.  I don’t think it can be disputed that heels make a woman feel sexier, or more sensual.  For me it feels powerful as well.  Aside from the women who physically cannot wear heels or it’s not appropriate for their daily routines, when I see a woman who does not wear heels, it generally tells me that they don’t feel that in tuned with their feminine side.  Women who wear flats generally do not feel comfortable with, or may even not feel like they have much sex appeal, or sensuality, or feminine power.  I’m not saying that when someone wears heels, their message is to attract men to sleep with them.  I’m saying that women who wear heels are generally more in tune with their powerful, sensual, feminine side…that girl power (for the lack of a better description). 

This list can go on and on.  Hair (how well made up it is or not) is usually correlated with how much one cares about their physical image.  Make-up can be how much of themselves (physical or emotional) they want to hide.   Also, the thickness of someone’s frame of their glasses is correlated with their self-esteem and/or how much they want to hide (something I remember learning from either school or TV).  I can go on and on…but enough of the blabbering.  I do have a point to this..I swear.  I want to look past the material things we put on, and talk briefly about physique and substance abuse.  This is very important for me.  And I know this will be controversial to some.  I can almost always tell how a person feels about themself based on his/her weight.  If he/she is rather above or below their normal weight, and this is not a natural or medical condition, then it tells me that they do not respect themselves.  I don’t care if someone’s wearing high heels, nice glasses, fitted clothes, nice bag, naturally flowing hair and has a personality that exudes confidence.  If she is overweight/underweight then I can generalize the following: she is not loving herself, she is not putting herself first, and/or she is abusing herself for (her own reasons).  Same goes for smokers (nicotine and otherwise) and heavy drinkers.  To knowingly hurt yourself this way, is very symbolic of how you feel about yourself.  It is not possible for anyone to over/under-eat, or eat a lot of unhealthy food,  or smoke, or do drugs, or drink heavily, and also love themselves at the same time.  Abuse is resentment. 

Anyway, the reason I write this is not because I want you to profile everyone.  I’m also not intending for any of you to feel bad about yourselves.  Nor am I pointing figures at anyone because God knows, I’m far from perfect.  I have no bad intentions in this blog.  It really is only a thought that I have and I promised myself that I will be honest with what I think and feel in this blog so long as it will be helpful to the world.  What I want everyone to see is themselves.  Take a hard look at yourself.  See what you generally wear, how you wear it.  See what you do not wear.  This includes your hair, your make-up, your shoes, your clothes, your jewellery, your nails, your glasses/contacts.  See how you talk, walk, stand, slouch, sit, etc.  Look at your body language.  Then analyze it with who you are.  What is it about your appearance that you are trying to convey that is honest or not?  You can tell yourself all you want that you’re one way, but how you present yourselves is generally the truth.  Tell me, all you want, that you’re happy or pretend that you have a self-esteem.  But I doubt I will agree if you have a cigarette in your mouth, or you’re over-weight/under-weight. 

Look at these things and then be honest with yourself.  What are you telling about yourself?  What are you mis-presenting or presenting about yourselves?  Why does every strand of your hair need to be perfect?  Why does everything need to be a popular brand name?  Why do you care so much about how you look?  Why don’t you care at all?  Who are you fooling?  If you have over-indulgence(s), what are you trying to forget/deny/numb out?  If you wear revealing clothes or tighter clothes, how does that make you feel?  If you don’t, how does it make you feel?  If you were to strip yourself from any material thing, including the hair, what do you see and feel?  Figure out what it is, why it is and work on it.  Kudos to those who already are.  But to those who have been in hiding, it’s time to have some revelations.  How liberating would it be to feel great about yourself and for it to actually show?  Shouldn’t we stop thinking so much about how we look and start thinking more about how we feel?  The truth is, when we feel great on the inside, the outside will follow.

There’s a perfect poem for what I’m saying here that I will post later.  Again, there are always exceptions to the rule.  And I’m not saying everyone needs to have these revelations.  So anyone who is wanting to jump down my throat, please don’t.   My blog, my opinions.  For others, I hope this will resonate with you.  I hope that these two posts will help you discover some things about yourselves or others.  And by discovering these things, you can work on living a happier life.  Because we all deserve to be happy.


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