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Ahoy! Soulspiration is alive!

May 9, 2010

After many years of contemplation and procrastination, I finally have a vehicle to communicate my gibberish to.  I’m learning as I go so if you have any input, feel free to post a comment.  I am so excited to learn how to blog and post.  Hopefully, with enough experience, I will be able to get my own website up and running!

Allow me to intro myself.  I’ll go by the name of AC.  I have had the privilege of meeting thousands of people, all from different walks of life.  And I’m where I am, because of the lessons that each spectrum of people have taught me.  One of the biggest lessons for me is that everyone needs to be inspired.  Like someone has so eloquently put it, if you’re not in a state of growth, then you’re in a state of decay.  And an important factor in growth is inspiration.

Throughout my life, many people have come to me for guidance.  I also see and talk to many clients each day.  And while listening and/or providing feedback, I also discovered many things about people and myself.  The purpose of the blog is to relay the lessons I have learned, whether through my daily experience or research.  That way, more people can be inspired and hopefully pass it on.   I hope by reading any of my blogs, you will have inspired moments and these inspirations will change your perspective to a more positive one.  And maybe a blog will change the way you do things as well!

So I will send this out to cyber space in search for people who are interested.  Happy reading!  If you have any constructive comments or you wish for me to discuss something, please send me a comment.  If there’s a blog that resonates with you I would love to hear from you.  And if there is something that strikes a nerve, I’m also happy to know, provided the comment is constructive and does not stem from negativity.  There is enough negativity in this world.  This blog promotes positivity.  Therefore, I will not reply to negative posts/comments.

Here we go!

  1. Wendy permalink

    Very Cosmic! You are truly Oplah!

  2. rochelle permalink

    How exciting!! Get your writing on woman! Looking forward to reading more!!! get on it! =)

  3. fran permalink

    Fantastic AC! Looking forward to reading your blog.

  4. Great job, your customers and friends will enjoy following you! You got it all girl!

  5. Priscilla permalink

    Nice blog colour. I like your blog, good for me – a big inspiration consumer!!!

  6. Brenda permalink

    Good for you AC for starting your own blog. It’s good to surround yourself with positive energy.

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